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uPVC (un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride) is one of the world’s most widely used plastic materials. There are many reasons for the rise of vinyl use as windows and doors, first and foremost, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the numerous advantages PVC holds over other materials.

The purest un-plasticized Polyvinylchloride (uPVC) is enhanced with 15 micro additives, forming 20% of the total formula, to produce a resilient product that is suited to our own Southern African climate. Our color profiles are laminated with the highest quality of Renolit Exofol to guarantee colour consistency.

Our commitment to quality and investment in technical innovation and equipment has made us a market leader in our industry. We have skilled staff involved in the fabrication process, to ensure that we provide the highest standard of quality.

In addition to uPVC windows and doors, we also manufacture aluminium insect screens and stock a wide variety of hardware for the aluminium window industry.

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